Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kamban En Kadhalan

Kamban En Kadhalan
Kamba Ramayana
Sivakumar parayana

Has Kamba Ramayana been so simplified and spoonfed to the audience is very much doubtful.
Actor Sivakumar's Kamban En Kadhalan telecast in Vijay TV on Chithirai Thirunal to the gathering of college students has glorified the epic. It was simply an extempore.
Sivakumar's entry into the tinsel world through Uyarndha Manithan when he was 19 years old, with now he standing Uyarndha Manithan, was that an indication for this eminence?
His presentation of Kamba Ramayana with present-day context to the students' rejoice is sure a novel way of treating the epic.
He quotes Kamba Ramayana as if he himself has written the epic. Avvai Natarajan said as his face is his mind. What more than you expect.
It was narrated that Ramar never defiled Kooni for her to take revenge on Sri Rama while King Dhasaratha announced his enthroning. He has aimed at the rose which fell on her and she had vowed to take vengeance against him.
Soloman Papahaia said Professor Kamban cannot imagine and he instigated youngsters to go in for reading Ramayana.
Thamizharuvi Manian glorified the actor for the vernacular excellence the actor possessed in himself as more than 3,000 college students were held spellbound by Sivakumar's Ramayana narration.
Ilampirai Manimaran said the orator has simplified and offered the crux of Kamba Ramayana to the listners.
When Kumbakarna in his deep slumber was awakened, Kambar writes, 'Urangukindra Kumbakarna ungal maya vazhvellam irangukindrathendru kana ezhundhirai ezhundhirai karangu pondra vilpiditha kaladhoothan kaiyelae uranguvai uranguvai inikidanthu uranguvai.' What actually happened.
Many have endeavoured to discourse on Kamba Ramayana but this attempt by Sivakumar, not as a discourse, speaks volumes and it shows his deep study and understanding of the epic Ramayana. This is an eyeopener to the so-called Ramanaya upanyasakars.
Actor Sivakumar is a resident of Krishna Street, T Nagar.


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  2. Sir
    It needs big heart to praise others these days. You have showered your laurels ion Shiva Kumar....Gr8....Keep the good work going.